Where can I see some art?

We are focusing on increasing our connections with various types of venues to suit the range of our artists.
If you would like to display some of the work from our talented artists, please contact us!

Current Exhibitions and Events

Thai Fresh  Through August and September artwork by Jackie Cox, Signature Member of the UK Coloured Pencil Societry, is on display! The invitation for this brunch meeting event on August 25th can be viewed here

Flightpath Coffeehouse  Throughout the months of August and September, come and see the visionary artwork of Darren Minke, and the innovative creations of David Eckman! - The invitation for this event on August 24th can be viewed here

Art at the Met  Austin, Texas' most eclectic apartment community features monthly art showings and gatherings in their lounge and around the pool. Come out to visit with artist Jason Matthews and enjoy the day, every 3rd Sunday of the month!

Artisans Connect Gallery  This gallery in Georgetown, Texas features work by Art Connectors artist Christopher Jon Schroeder. Schroeder uses vivid colors to magnify human figures in powerful states of being!

Upcoming Events

Austin Art Authority  This new venue, opening in 2014, will be hosting Art Connectors and many other reputable groups of highly talented creators for the East Austin Studio Tour this November 16th - 17th & 23rd - 24th.

Contact us to arrange an art showing for your event! 

Past Exhibitions and Events


Flightpath Coffeehouse  This showing featured artists Roshi, Jolene Ropiak and Jason Matthews throughout the month of July! - The invitation for this event on July 20th can be viewed here

Quack's 43rd Street Bakery  Featured the work of the talented Christopher Jon Schroeder throughout the month of July in the beautiful neighborhood of Hyde Park in central Austin, Texas.

At the University of Texas, featured artists Frank Suchomel, Jason Matthews, Dylan Quinn and Kevin Rayhons as they spoke about their art on stage to an audience during this magnificent multi-cultural performance event.
The invitation for this event on July 13th can be viewed here




April 20th 
  Produced by Audrey Maker, Trammell Productions, Art Connectors and Monkey Industries - This event featured Light Reactive Sacred Geometry Structures by artist Jade Love,
Live Video Art Projection Mixing by artist Kevin Rayhons, and flyer design by artist Frank Suchomel. This collaboration of art and music was held in conjunction with 

(Image on the left: Still image taken from video projection mixing by Kevin Rayhons) (Image on the right: Event banner commissioned by the producers of this event, created by Frank Suchomel)

Earth Angel Gallery  The Grand Opening of this fantastic new gallery featured Art Connectors artist Darren Minke in December 2012, and this exhibition lasted through April 2013.

RK Art Extravaganza at the Monstrocity  Thursday, February 7th at 2514 Wlison, ATX 78704. This multi-artist event, hosted by RK Artist Enterprises, features art by Art Connectors artists Darren Minke and Frank Suchomel.
Flightpath Coffeehouse  From December 2012 through January 2013, this show featured works by Gabino Iglesias, Kevin Rayhons and Cherry Whitten.

Greenhouse  Come out to support local artists and support a great cause by purchasing a piece for yourself or a loved one for the holiday season! The invitation for this event on December 8th can be viewed here
Earth Angel Gallery  The Grand Opening of this fantastic new gallery featured Art Connectors artist Darren Minke. The invitation for their opening reception on December 8th 2012 can be viewed here
Texas Industrial Fest 2012  Donations of canned food items were accepted for entry into this charitable event. Art Connectors artist Michael Zornes presented an amazing array of industrial, steampunk jewelry and sculptural pieces.
Art Outside 2012  Art Connectors is proud to have had the largest personal installation for visual art at this 3 day event which featured interactive and live art, performance, film, workshops and a wide range of music.

A. Andrew Gonzalez Studio   San Antonio First Friday on July 6th, curator Heidi Allen selected pieces by artists Darren Minke and Frank Suchomel for this exciting show. The invitation for this event can be viewed here

(Our exhibition at A. Andrew Gonzalez's studio was photographed by Leland Outz of the San Antonio Express. This photograph can be viewed online at the San Antonio Express here)

Flightpath Coffeehouse  The Flightpath Coffeehouse located at Duval and 51st Street in Austin, Texas held monthly art shows featuring several Art Connectors artists since June 2012.
2012 exhibitions at Flightpath Coffeehouse included:
June Art Show Featuring Frank Suchomel and Michael Zornes. The invitation for this show can be viewed here 
July Art Show Featuring Kevin Rayhons, Sarah Sweny-Smith and Michael Zornes. The invitation for this show can be viewed here
Art Connectors 1 year anniversary party! (Images for this event can be seen below) - Hang It Up! The invitation for this event can be viewed  here
August Art Show Featuring  Frank Suchomel, Cherry Whitten and Michael Zornes. The invitation for this show can be viewed here  This show actually ran from August through September!
November Art Show Featuring Jason Matthews and Zachary Prossick-Brown. The invitation for this show can be viewed here
December Art Show Featuring Gabino Iglesias, Kevin Rayhons and Cherry Whitten. The invitation for this show can be viewed here This show actually ran from December 2012 through January 2013!

(Our one year anniversary party, Hang It Up! was a participatory event where artists and fans alike came together with hammers and nails to hang artwork together. This event was held at Flightpath Coffeehouse on August 1st 2012.)

Hot Mama's Cafe  The wonderful ladies at Hot Mama's located on East 5th street in downtown Austin held artist Darren Minke's works for a beautiful showing from January through March in 2012. 

First Annual Headbangers Festival  Car/Bike show, food, live bands, vendors, live broadcasting, only $5 admission fee!
911 Memorial Concert
   A 100% volunteer project to honor the 10th anniversary of that terrible day by the simple act of remembering.
Fundraiser Art Show   Fundraiser for San Marcos Travis Elementary School  held in tandem with the Open House.
Sassy Chic Hair Salon  Located in the beautiful hill country in downtown  Wimberley, Texas.
Flipnotics  An Austin local live music icon since it opened in 1992, keeping the South Austin tradition alive by serving up great coffee, local food and live music every night of the week.