Q: Where are you located?
A: We are not a gallery and have no store front. Our business is on the web and in the various locations that we contract with. Please visit our Locations page to see where we have shown in the past, and to take a look at upcoming projects.

Q: What kind of art does Art Connectors support?
A: Art Connectors is happy to work with artists of every medium, believing that if it can be created, there is a market for the art. Every style of art and every piece, whether a painting, sculpture, textile or song, has an audience who seeks 
what the artist creates.

Q: Why do you have a donation button on your website? Where does my donation go?
A: Sponsors for events are welcome to use this button to donate to our events. Likewise, anyone purchasing artwork from us at an event who would like to pay by credit card may utilize this button for purchases.
All donations for Art Connectors will be put straight in to creating a wider audience for our artists.
Application costs and gallery fees, advertising online, on the radio and through printed invitations to our shows, plus the purchase of materials to create the perfect art installation display booth for future festivals, are just some of the many costs that we seek to cover. 
Your donations are greatly appreciated, and will help fuel the production of many shows to come!
*Because Art Connectors is not a charity or non-profit organization donations are not tax deductible.

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