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Frank Suchomel

Frank Suchomel

My work draws from several influences including the styles of the surrealists, impressionists, art neuvo, comic illustrators, fractals, and patterns found in nature. The major focus of my work is the use of color, allowing the subject matter to be explored after the tone has been set. I often work on several pieces at once consisting of a few smaller paintings and one larger. The process is largely subconscious allowing the work to change, sometimes drastically from the initial sketch to the final painting.

For some time I have researched the tarot, its history and evolution of symbology, structure and use to develop a new interpretation. Through the development of the tarot led to a new theme in my painting where disorder meets form in pattern, color and texture.


             The Archway, by Frank Suchomel                                        NFS, by Frank Suchomel                                                                        NFS, by Frank Suchomel                                                              Hollow Man (NFS), by Frank Suchomel

                     Dragonfly, by Frank Suchomel                                          "050211", diptych by Frank Suchomel                                 Portrait of a Blue Man, by Frank Suchomel                                        The Guard (NFS) Print Available, by Frank Suchomel

              "010111" or Painting 1, by Frank Suchomel                                     "121410" or Painting 2, by Frank Suchomel                               Black Ibis, White Ibis (NFS), by Frank Suchomel                                                         Su, by Frank Suchomel

        Sharp Fall, Slow Decay, by Frank Suchomel                                      Sunday Morning 6:30 a.m., by Frank Suchomel                                     Deconstruction - 1 (NFS) Print Available, by Frank Suchomel                   Friday 8:12 p.m., by Frank Suchomel 

                                                                                                                                                                      Malicious Alien Deconstructing Planets, quadriptych by Frank Suchomel

Pen and Ink:

                                                                                                                                                                                            Tarot, by Frank Suchomel

These Tarot decks are available through Art Connectors for $25 plus tax in applicable states. Please contact us for purchase.

                                                                                     Button Art by Frank Suchomel                                                                                        Button Art by Frank Suchomel
                                                                                                   Print Available                                                                                                                       Print Available

                                                 Little Black Heart, a comic series illustrated by Frank Suchomel                                                              Holiday Card by Frank Suchomel